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Welcome to the FARR CENTER

Under the guidance of clinical psychologist Elizabeth Farr, Ph.D., the mission of the Farr Center is to help individuals make informed decisions that result in positive changes in their lives.
The Center provides individual, couples and group counseling to help individuals meet a wide range of life challenges. From relationship-building to cessation of smoking to employment issues and more, our therapists are trained to provide the guidance people need to improve their lives.

The Farr Center is also on the cutting-edge of administering neuropsychological assessment instruments that test for learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, autism, school achievement, intelligence, personality, career enhancement, vocational rehabilitation, surrogate and egg ovum suitability, as well as other psychological assessments.

Clients can utilize the Center's testing and/or counseling services based on their specific needs. The Center serves individuals, mental health professionals, educators and school administrators.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of service, please feel free to contact us.


 The Farr Overeating Screening Test© (FOST) has been developed to identify adults and children at risk for overeating behaviors.  This test is designed as a preliminary assessment tool to be used with doctors as a way to begin the process of talking about overeating with their patients.  The questionnaire is self administered by placing an appropriate yes or no check for each question. Five or more responses may indicate symptoms of at-risk behavior and may necessitate further investigation with a professional counselor.

To take this test, you will need to print it first.  A free consultation is available to discuss the results of your test with a counselor at The Farr Center and to learn more about how our program can benefit you.   Call or email to schedule your appointment.



1.       Yes No           Do you eat alone, when nobody's looking, or have a secret food stash just for yourself?


2.         Yes No           Have you been unable to live up to promises you have made regarding food?


3.       Yes No           Do you eat in direct response to feeling depressed or stressed?


4.       Yes No           Has your eating behavior interfered with your professional or personal life?


5.       Yes No           When you have overeaten, do you feel disappointed in yourself or regret it?


6.       Yes No           Have you lied to yourself about how much you actually weigh?


7.       Yes No           Are your thoughts occupied with eating or planning your next meal?


8.       Yes No           Do you eat without realizing you are eating?


9.       Yes No           Do you avoid seeing your doctor because of your weight?


10.    Yes No           Do you avoid swimwear because of your weight?


11.    Yes No           Have you been on multiple diets only to gain back your weight?


12.    Yes No           Do you reward yourself with food or justify secret treats?


13.    Yes No           Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder?


14.    Yes No           Do you try to change your eating behavior to please someone else?


15.    Yes No           Have you ever eaten a significant quantity of food without the proper utensils?


16.    Yes No           Do you feel people are watching you when you are eating?


17.    Yes No           Do your friends, family or partners complain about your eating behavior or weight?


18.    Yes No           Do you have trouble stopping yourself from eating when you are full?


19.    Yes No           Do you dread going to events or activities because of your weight?


20.    Yes No           Have your friends or family been negatively impacted by your eating behavior?


21.    Yes No           Are you embarrassed by your appearance?


22.    Yes No           Does eating make you happy?


23.    Yes No           Do you eat foods lacking nutritional value impulsively between meals?


24.    Yes No           Do you eat away your problems?


25.    Yes No           Do you avoid exercise or strenuous activity?

Developed by Elizabeth Farr, Ph.D.


© 2012 Dr. Elizabeth Farr 

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